With a view to the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória

Hotel Lis Batalha is located in front of the monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria, in the Centre of the village of Batalha. Here, where the calm and serenity of the past can be experienced with the comfort of our days, inserted in an historical setting, laced in white by the old houses and framed in green by the vineyards and agricultural land..

History tells us that the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria was built under the command of King . D. João I, as a thank you to the Virgin Mary,, evoked by the king during the Batalha of Aljubarrota (1385), in which the great Castilian army was defeated.. The person in charge of the general plan of construction of the Monastery of Batalha and its construction until the date of his death, in 1402 - the Master Afonso Domingues - gave name to the Hotel..

Over the 150 years of it's construction, the Monastery has benefited from the intervention of several masters and the support of several kings, who left marks of different architectural styles. Of these, the Gothic and Manueline were the most expressive. This work — classified as a World Heritage Site in 1985 and elected one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal in 2007 — remains incomplete until the present day, as evidenced by the Imperfect Chapels, in the open, of this inescapable monument of our History..

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Samira C.

Hotel with great location next to Monastery, main attraction of Batalha. Rooms very nice and staff very helpful. Recommend and stay here again.