Clean & Safe

Hotel Lis Batalha is fully committed to working for your safety.

In the context of the global health crisis by COVID-19, new health and safety measures were designed and implemented., in accordance with the guidelines of the National Health Authorities (DGS) and International (OMG). our commitment, guaranteed obtaining the Clean & Safe Seal, assigned by Turismo de Portugal.
We present our measures:

Social distancing:
- Placing acrylic on the service counter for greater safety for Customers and Employees;
- Room occupancy will be limited, whenever possible;
- Elevator occupancy limited to 1 occupant or occupants of the same family / group;
- Breakfast room with limited occupancy and with pre-booking in order to guarantee a space between tables;
- Bar / Lounge with limited occupancy.

Individual protection equipment:
- All our employees are equipped with a protective mask or visor;
- Cleaning service employees will be equipped with a mask, visor, disposable apron and gloves;
- The use of a mask by the Clients is mandatory on arrival and whenever they circulate or remain in common areas;
- We have Kit (mask, alcohol gel and gloves) for sale, if it's necessary.

Cleaning and disinfection:
- We provide customers with disinfectant gel in all common areas of the Hotel (reception, lifts,bar / living room, restaurant);
- We intensified the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, especially frequent contact using products specifically designed for this purpose;
- All equipment and objects of frequent and shared use are regularly disinfected;
- We guarantee room occupancy only after an extended period.

Isolation zone:
- Our Contingency Plan includes a room dedicated to the isolation of suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19. This room had quick access,
Natural and mechanical ventilation, private bathroom, individual protection kit, thermometer, waste bags, used clothing collection bags, thermometer, kit with water and some non-perishable foods.
- In case of use and after use by a confirmed case, decontamination will be carried out and all procedures contemplated by the DGS;
- We will always have a collaborator responsible for monitoring the person in question and for triggering the necessary procedures.

Our Collaborators:
- All employees received training on the Internal Protocol for Covid-19, addressing the following topics:
- Compliance with basic prevention and control precautions, including hand hygiene procedures several times a day and whenever necessary, respiratory etiquette and social conduct;
- Daily symptom monitoring, such as fever, cough and muscle pain;
- New procedures in the operation of the Hotel;
- New cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Our Suppliers:
- Only Suppliers who perform a merchandise delivery function will be allowed entry, maintenance or repair inside the Hotel, must comply with the hygiene and safety rules informed;

Our Guests:
- The collaboration of our guests will be essential to ensure the safety of everyone, therefore they will have to take into account the following:
- The use of the mask is mandatory to enter the Hotel, as well as when traveling through common areas or staying in them;
- Hand hygiene using alcohol gel dispensers for the purpose of the Hotel's different areas;
- Maintaining the safety distance of 1.5/2 meters from other guests and employees whenever possible;
- The prior reservation of Catering services;
- Reading all the information distributed by the Hotel.

Existing Medical Support Structures:
- Batalha Health Center to 5 minutes from the Hotel;
- Diversified offer of Private Medical Clinics to 5 minutes from the Hotel;
- District Public Hospital and Hospital of S. Francisco (Private) in Leiria: 15km

All these measures are implemented in order to guarantee the health, hygiene and safety of our customers, employees and suppliers, maintaining the recognized quality service of the Hotel Lis Batalha Mestre Afonso Domingues.

Feedback from customers

We take very seriously the opinions of our customers. See what they say about our hotel

  • FANTASTIC! Fantastic location, spacious, good breakfast, very clean! The staff were very kind and quick to respond to our needs :) would definitely return!
    Maria, Canada
  • Great location, good restaurant, very clean, next door to the monastery, free parking, calm room (view to the backyard), good WiFi.
    Anastasia, Russia
  • Exceptional cleanliness. Lots of care with the covid. friendly employees. Excellent to go with children.
    Rita, Portugal